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What's RPV?

The Company

RP Venture Group provides expert marketing consultation and business development services for our clients and partners throughout the world. We have nearly 20 years of experience in building out brands from a fresh M&A, or from a single person entreprenuerial idea into respected industry leaders.

Our passion is in helping people to see the full breadth of their vision, and through diligence and hard work making it reality.


We are lifers. Two decades in, and we still always have at least a single startup at some stage of development.


With operations, and team members currently in over a dozen countries, our POV for problem solving is seen through many perspectives.


Current focus on medical, educational, and energy solutions for adaption in developing and destressed markets.


We strive to be a partner, investor, and guiding representative in brands we believe in.

Our business areas

Excellence in Services

Pre-Seed & Launch

Early Rounds

Investment through A only. Advisory available throughout.

Analytics and M&A


Brand Development

Partnership Opportunities

Digital Marketing & Consulting